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             "I met shooters service on the predator forum, looking for advise on coyote habits, Duane responded, and somehow we got on the subject of decoy dogs, this was an idea I had not heard of before and was confused about, I thought dogs ran cats up a tree, I couldn’t see a coyote going up a tree, so I booked a 3 day hunt. The lodging was comfortable, and meals great. The hunt was beyond anything I was expecting, we shot rats during the day until I couldn’t see straight, turned in had a great meal, and was up at daybreak calling dogs, I had shots at coyotes every day and his dogs made a real believer out of me, to watch them work a coyote to 200 yards or less not once but 3 times was a real rush, I was so excited I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, ran out of ammo, and still had a 4 min. show with the dogs. This was a 5 star experience, I will continue to book hunts with Shooters Services."
                        Ernest Parker
                        The Parker Group
                        4442 Thunder Vista 
                        Lake Oswego, Ore. 97035

          “I’ve been on numerous guided adventures .  Duane Freilino provided one of the best experiences I’ve had, from the professionalism of the hunt to the comfort of camp. Everything was first rate.”
                         Jason - Oregon
           "All I can say is great people, great food, awesome dogs, and a great time. If anyone is wanting a first class predator hunt this is the place." 
                           Clint - Wyoming.
           "One of my favorite spots to shoot rats, bring lots of ammo! Other opportunities like coyotes, badgers, and jackrabbits, are abundant to round out a days shooting. Seasonal game, bobcat, deer or elk are all nearby in this Eastern Oregon mecca."

           "Due to needing to take care of some buisness over by Duane's place a few days ago I gave him a call and had a chance to go spotlight with him for a few hours. When I got to his place he had been up ranching and had to have been exhausted. He met me and my wife by the gate with dogs already loaded and was ready to go. If you have never seen his dogs do their thing, you might think that alot of what gets posted is B.S. ITs NOT. After my wife messed up a perfect chance on a coyote, out went the dogs. It was cool to see them work and really incouraged me to get out and hunt my dogs more. Had a great time shooting the s(*t too. If your on the fence about giving him a call, do it. I get nothing from letting you know that I had a great time exept knowing that you could have a great time too. Its cool to get to see the dogs and how they interact with duane and with eachother. All in all it was a great few hours and my wife practically had to beg him to take us back to the house. He was ready to show us a great time and to use the time we had "on the hunt."

                                                  Bo, Las Vegas, Nevada

          "We left my house at Thursday at 3:30 am and arrived up to Duane's about 2:00 in the afternoon. We were met by Duane, what a great guy!! We weren't there long and we were off to shoot some sage rats The weather was crappy but the rats were still giving us some good shooting.. Duane has no shortage of sage rats. The fields look like mine fields there are so many.. You could literally shoot for days in one field if ya had enough bullets!! I could write for pages on what a great time we had. But I'll keep it short!! I went up to pick one of Duane's dogs up, he wanted me to see how they worked in the field. We went out spotlighting the first night for a few minutes and Duane shot a badger the dogs worked like no dogs Ive ever seen. They had that badger within 60 seconds in the dark at about 150 yards. The next morning we went after some coyotes we ended up calling 5 stands and calling 4 coyotes, we got shots at 2 coyotes and killed 2 coyotes, again the dogs worked their magic.. I was and still am very, very impressed on how well Duane's dogs are trained. I ended up getting a dog named Runtley ( he was the runt of the litter) LOL.. We ended up leaving that day due to I had to get back and get ready to go to the expo and we had some bad weather coming in.. But ill tell ya I had a super time. Thanks Duane for the fantastic hospitality you and your wife showed us.. I'm already looking forward to doing some more hunting with ya.. Kerry"    
                                                 Kerry Carver, (Carver Calls)  Utah.

          "It was such a pleasure for me and my wife to visit your outfit again. Everytime we come up there we have a great time and don't ever want to leave. The coyote hunting is first class, you have way more badgers then anywhere I've ever been and the sage rats are thicker then fleas. Anything we do up there, you make it fun for both me and my wife. And as you know, if the wife isn't comfortable, then nobody is. Make sure you tell Laura thanks from us, as she makes the lodging and meals the best we've ever received
ANYWHERE!!! You've made a life long customer and friend.  
                                                                                                            Thank you, 
                                                                                                             Jeremy Patterson"

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