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Coyote Dogs 101
Coyote Dogs 101

        Coyote Dogs 101 isn't your typical bang/flop video. Yeah, there is some of that in here but this video is dedicated to teaching you what it takes to train a coyote dog. What is a coyote dog, you ask? A Coyote dog is one that is well rounded when it comes to coyotes. A coyote dog will decoy, blood trail, recover cripples and work a trapline. All of these things are necessary around the ranch to control the ever growing coyote population. Sometimes we have to run a trapline to catch a calf killer and other times we can call them in and decoy, it just depends on the situation. That's why there is such a need for a diverse dog.  
         In Coyote Dogs 101, the camera will follow the training of multiple dogs, from eight weeks old to about six months. Each lesson in the dvd will be geared towards a certain technique. You will watch as some dogs are trained very easily, while others are very difficult. There are no smoke and mirrors, you will watch me suceed and struggle, just like you would. 
         Special thanks to The Ron Brown Band for providing all the music in the dvd. Make sure you check out their website at Also, make sure you "like" them on facebook. We love their music and hope you will too. Check out their website to see if they are coming to a city near you!!
          Coyote Dogs 101 is out NOW!!! Make sure you get your copy before it's too late.  
    You won't want to train a coyote dog without it!                          

 Coyote Dogs 101 Trailer  Coyote Dogs 101 Intro

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